HK-series: Motorterminator

An HK motorcycle


Moto-Terminators are automated motorcycles, produced by Skynet sometime before 2018, whose main purpose is to hunt down humans.

A specialized cold weather version of the Moto-Terminator, known as the Snowminator, is deployed in operation on patrol in the Alaskan Wilderness.

The Moto-Terminator has red optic sensors and plasma emitters on its sides.

The Harvester stores Moto-Terminators in its lower legs and releases them to round up fleeing humans and make them easier to capture.

The Moto-Terminators are seen to possess incredible agility, with the sensors calculating debris or obstacles ahead, even viewing them in slow motion. With this trait, they easily avoid any obstacle, such as a car wreckage.

HK-series: Motorterminator

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