HK-series: Prototype Drone

Cyberdine Research's prototype HK air unit series


The HK-Drone, also known as T-1 Aerial is designed by Cyberdyne Research Systems to be an unmanned aerial weapons systems which the organization was attempting to market to various military powers prior to 2004. As thousands were produced, when Skynet came on line, it immediately had access to a small army of sophisticated tactical air craft. Post atomic holocaust humans would become quite familiar with them.

The HK-Drone had the least sophisticated CPU of all Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer units. Its artificial intelligence and decision making abilities, while fast, were limited to insect like reasoning. Its inferior sensory array did not complement this lack of brains. For instance: an HK-Drone which has fired a missile will then chase the debris of the explosion it created as a living target.

It has difficulty discerning a non living object from a living one. To it, anything warm and moving is a target.

The Drone is armed with conventional arms (machine guns) and low-yield missiles. Lacking the fusion reactor power source of later HK-Aerial’s.

HK-series: Prototype Drone

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