Infiltrator-series: T-200 "Scarecrow"

Skynet's first failed attempt of an infiltration terminator


Built some time prior to 2016, the T-200 represented the first Terminator design by Skynet. They were produced in the thousands and were puny by later standards. These Terminators were based on schematics of NORAD maintenance droids, and in some cases were actually the original NORAD droids retrofitted with new components and memory instruction sets. In many ways these were the first real terminators. The production files for more advanced Terminators existed in Skynet’s database, such as the T-70, but the elements of those designs could not be utilized on a useful scale until Sky-Net had dominance of the Earth’s surface and access to the resources necessary to utilize those plans and the time to conduct scientific tests to perfect models incorporating them.

The strategic superiority to achieve such an end did not occur until the introduction of the T-600. Therefor the only model of android that Sky-Net could use to hunt humans in their own territory was the T-200 (prior to the introduction of the artifically intelligent human replicas known as the T-600 series).

The T-200 was roughly humanoid in shape. It could easily be distinguished from a human under most conditions. However, it was small enough to be disguised as a human for the purpose of ambush. It was often sometimes issued with a crude ballistic clothes which also made it difficult to discern from a person under conditions of poor enough visibility. The T-200 had no artificial musculature and very primitive and streamlined hydraulic systems, so even with clothing it looked more like a “scarecrow” than a person, thus the resistance nickname for it.

The head and sensory array of T-200 was decidedly inhuman and from any distance where this is visible it is given away. The use of a T-200 as an infiltrator was not very effective for these reasons.

It is likely in the altered timeline that construction of these units were not developed as Skynet already began manufacturing its more advanced T-600 through T-800 series by that time already.

The T-200 attempting to pass off as a human during an infiltration mission.

Infiltrator-series: T-200 "Scarecrow"

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