HK-series: T-300 "Raptor"

Scout class Hunter-Killer


The Raptor is a type of Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer mass-produced by Skynet.

The Raptor is a bipedal weapon platform, mounted on two oversized servo enhanced legs with large triple claw pads. The design of the legs allows the unit to balance on one leg while using the other leg for labor-intensive work. The triple claw footpads cannot only be used in close combat and for removing cover from Tech-Com units, but also provides the machine with superior traction on almost any surface.

Its only ranged weapon is a plasma rifle that is fixed onto the body.

In order to achieve a high volume of units, Skynet had to retard the electronic self autonomous capabilities of the Raptor. Skynet imparted a feral, almost animal intelligence into the Raptor, resulting in an obedient soldier with the intelligence of a rabid guard dog and the single minded dedication of a machine.

HK-series: T-300 "Raptor"

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