HK-series: T-500

Skynet's common Hunter-Killer footsoldier


The Series 500, or T-500, is one of the early Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit series prior to the Series 600 Terminator.

The unit featured an armored battle chassis that made it more durable than the units of the Series 400. The unit also sported enhanced weapons which were synced with an acquisition AI program, making this series a dangerous threat on the battlefield.

The Series 500 Combat units used to serve as Skynet’s preferred soldier prior to the development of the Series 600 the Series 700, and the Series 800 Terminators and Infiltrators.

It is likely in the altered timeline that construction of these units were not developed as Skynet already began manufacturing its more advanced T-600 through T-800 series by that time already.

HK-series: T-500

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