Infiltrator-series: T-600

Skynet's first wave of mass-produced infiltration terminators


The T-600 series is a Terminator series mass-produced by Skynet during the 21st century (in the altered timeline manufacturing began in 2016, but it was several years later in the unaltered timeline). The 600 Series Terminators serve as early Infiltrators featuring titanium alloy endoskeletons which were sometimes covered in rubber skin. As a result of their rubber skin covering, Resistance fighters could easily spot the T-600s in the field.

They were mass-produced humanoid battle units manufactured by Skynet from the original designs and test models constructed by Cyberdyne Systems Corporation. Standing almost six feet tall and weighing almost 800 lbs, the T-600’s endoskeleton is very powerful and can lift objects almost five times its own weight or punch through concrete and metal with no damage to its reinforced servos. The T-600 Series is capable of running at a constant speed of almost 60 km/h (37 mp/h), with short bursts of up to 75 km/h (46 mp/h). However, these bursts of speed tax the servos and the joints of the leg assemblies.

Due to the lack of technological advancement at the time of their conception and the nature of Skynet’s logic, the 600 Series Terminator is fabricated with a smooth latex rubber skin to hide its mechanics rather than the living tissue that would be used by the successor 800 Series Terminator. This fact makes the 600 Series Terminators easy to recognize and thus disable. But the rubber skin was certainly effective in cases of limited visibility.

In some models, the 600 Series concept has been revised into a hulking behemoth in excess of 7’3"-tall and usually armed with a minigun. However, it is still based on the human skeleton. This does not necessarily preclude an infiltration role as there would likely be variants of the T-600 for different functions, which would naturally be made in appropriate sizes. Also, a seven to eight feet tall Terminator mocked-up as a human would only need to disguise itself well enough to get within firing range of a human camp, as it is very difficult to judge size from a distance.

Additionally, the rubber skin is less durable to the weathering, making it easily got peeled off. Thus, the inner structure will be exposed, sometimes it even rusts.

Infiltrator-series: T-600

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