HK-series: T-70

Skynet's first bipedal Hunter-Killer


The T-70 Series, was the first Terminator with a humanoid form. It is a tall and basic Terminator model designed as a basic foot soldier.

The T-70 was used by Cyberdyne Systems to impress investors and people with military interests to finance them to improve robot technology.

The basic technology on this model was later used by Skynet on T-400 through T-900.


In the beginning of the war against man, Skynet only had a few prototypes of T-70 and decided not to use these precious models on the battlefield. The T-70 itself was used to guard important facilities. By the time Skynet was able to put the T-70 in mass production, most of the technology was outdated, so T-70s were never used very much as a warrior.

It is likely in the altered timeline that construction of these units were not developed as Skynet already began manufacturing its more advanced T-600 through T-800 series by that time already. However it could be theorized that the 600 Series was an improvised conception of the 70 Series when Skynet began its designing of bipedal Terminators as they perform similar functions for Skynet and carry similar armaments.

HK-series: T-70

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