Infiltrator-series: T-700

Skynet's second wave of mass-produced infiltration terminators


The Series 700 Terminator is a Terminator series which served as the stepping stone between the Series 600 and Series 800 Terminator. The T-700 is the first generation of the Series 800 Terminator. Individual Terminators within the series are often referred to as the T-700s.

The Series 700 Terminators are structurally identical to their Infiltrator cousins but are built solely for combat as they have a more durable endoskeleton and have a CPU less advanced than the Series 800.2 Units of the 700 Series are also entirely reliant on Skynet for command and control functions as they lack the ability for independent thought.

In the altered timeline, mass-production of the T-700 series began in Skynet’s LA factorty as early as 2018 but it was likely several years later in the unaltered timeline.

Infiltrator-series: T-700

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