Infiltrator-series: T-800

Skynet's most successful series of infiltration terminators


The Series 800 Terminator is a type of Terminator mass-produced by Skynet. Individual Terminators within the series are often referred to as T-800s.

The T-800 was Skynet’s first cybernetic organism, with living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. This made it Skynet’s first successful Infiltrator unit, capable of infiltrating the Resistance.

The Series 800 Terminator was the first in a line of Series 8xx Terminators in various timelines, including the Series 850 and the Series 888 Terminators.

The T-800 contains a Neural Net Processor CPU, or “learning computer”, contained within the endoskeleton’s skull and protected by inertial shock dampers. The CPU, developed by Cyberdyne Systems, is one of the most powerful microprocessors ever built. As part of its vast internal databases, the T-800 contains detailed files on human anatomy and physiology so as to make it a more efficient killer. The CPU could also be updated with multiple database files related to advanced infiltration techniques, basic training for soldiers, emergency medical training, sniper training, an extensive tactical database, and detailed files from other terminators making each unit a combat veteran.

The metal endoskeleton of the T-800 is a microprocessor controlled fully armored hyper-alloy combat chassis and is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system. Its limbs are controlled by axial drive motors and clavicular trailing links, allowing the T-800s to maneuver faster than the Series 600 Terminators, as bursts of speed of up to 22 mph no longer threatened the joint assemblies. The T-800 was also 20% lighter and 40% stronger than the T-600. The armored frame is capable of withstanding most small arms fire and is able to survive being set on fire and being covered in molten steel with only minimal damage and no degradation of capabilities.

The 800 Series assigned for infiltration tends to have living tissue grown specially for the T-800’s consists of flesh, skin, hair and blood, the synthetic flesh takes approximately 40 days to adequately be attached to an endoskeleton and is capable of limited regeneration over time. As this tissue is living it is warm to the touch and hence T-800’s will not show up on thermal scanners as being any different from a real human. The biological components are only grafted onto T-800’s which are to be used to infiltrate Resistance bases; T-800’s which are deployed straight onto the battlefield usually do not possess biological components.

An 800 Series with a Cyberdine Systems Model 101 flesh covering.

In the original timeline, Skynet itself designed and began production of the Series 800 in 2026, due to the ease with which the Resistance could identify the Skynet designed Series 600 with its rubber skin.

In the altered timeline, Cyberdine Research Systems used information obtained from past time loops to begin the 800 design before the Judgment Day in 2004, accelerating Skynet’s own designs. Eventually, Skynet had managed to create the prototype Series 800 Terminator in 2018, eight years ahead of schedule from the original timeline.

Infiltrator-series: T-800

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