Prestige Classes

Bounty Hunter = As odd as this may be, this prestige class is possible as you are a specialized soldier that is specifically trained in eliminating the target you are assigned to hunt down. Or, if the GM allows you to play a Terminator, this class is PERFECT in selecting in order to hunt down and terminate your prey!

Crime Lord = Not all humans are in the Resistance, some have their own agendas and ways of surviving by having their own organization that follows their lead. This class can also be used if the game takes place in the past.

Force Adept = N/A

Force Disciple = N/A

Gunslinger = There are sharpshooters out there, no matter when in time this game takes place.

Jedi Knight = N/A

Jedi Master = N/A

Officer = No explanation needed.

Sith Apprentice = N/A

Sith Lord = N/A

Prestige Classes

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