Terminator: Future Wars is a RPG featuring the use of the Star Wars: Saga Edition rules and mechanics. This also includes the classes. However considering the genres are different, the classes featured from the SWSE book will have an explanation of the kind of character you wish to play in Future Wars.

Jedi = Cannot be played in Future Wars

Noble = This class can be used as a military officer (especially if multiclassed with the soldier class) or scientist working for TechCom.

Scoundrel = The Spacer Talent Tree will be ineligible otherwise you may play as a person that scrounges on the streets at night counting on your luck for survival while dodging HK’s or you can play as a tech specialist in the Resistance.

Scout = Almost no changes required here, you can be a scout working for the Resistance that knows how to avoid detection from the machines. The Talents and Skills from this class can be a good combination with the Soldier class to make a very stealthy sniper!

Soldier = Another class that requires little changes. You are essentially the grunt of the Resistance fighting the machines toe-to-toe.


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